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NUT/EQ token swap ends soon!
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The first decentralized interoperable money market

Get access to cross-chain liquidity

Technology stack
Participant of

Equilibrium is introducing a cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading

All DeFi united in one place

With Equilibrium you can:


All main crypto assets
EQ tokens


All main crypto assets
Decentralized stablecoins
Synthetic assets


All main crypto assets
Decentralized stablecoins
Synthetic assets
EQ tokens

Connected blockchains


In development


Advanced features


Provide liquidity in advance to secure loans in the system and to earn additional yield

Programmatic interest rate

Get fair interest on loans based on the algorithmic risk assessments

Built-in cross-chain DEX

Trade assets of multiple platforms on margin and using advanced order types

What sets us apart?

All in one place

All main DeFi use cases on one easy interface

Cross-chain enabled

Polkadot bridges provide trustless cross-chain interoperability

Highest possible liquidity

Solving chronic DeFi issue via attracting institutional clients on multiple platforms

Bailouts vs. auctions

Liquidity ensured against debt default in adverse markets

3-layer proactive
system solvency


Product roadmap

In production


EOSDT stablecoin

Lock EOS & BTC collateral to raise liquidity at 1.8%

Staking pool

Earn on staking EOS, NUT and EOSDT


Lever up your exposure to EOS

Stay tuned to our news

Equilibrium Receives a Grant From Web3 Foundation!
We are proud to announce that Equilibrium has received a grant from Web3 Foundation to pioneer services that facilitate other projects’…
260만 달러가 이미 NUT/EQ 토큰 스왑에 락업되었습니다.
토큰 스왑이 기록적인 속도로 진행 중
我们很荣幸地宣布,我们已经同以太坊首席架构师加文·伍德(Gavin Wood)所独创的独特协议Polkadot结为了伙伴。Polkadot代表了可用的最先进的企业区块链技术,可确保高可扩展性、安全性和互操作性。
2.6 Million USD Already Locked In The NUT/EQ Token Swap
Token swap is going at record speed
How to swap NUT for EQ guide
Our token swap NUT to EQ is coming up soon, from August 31 to September 29, and we’d like to give you the lowdown on how to get prepared.
NUT를 신규 크로스 체인 EQ 토큰으로 스왑 발표
이퀄리브리엄의 NUT-EQ 토큰 스왑을 발표합니다. NUT-EQ 토큰 스왑은 한국시간으로 2020년 8월 31일 5:00 PM에 시작하여 9월 29일 5:00PM까지 총 30일간 진행 예정입니다.