Fluid xDOT

Bid for parachains while keeping the fluidity of your DOT

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What is xDOT?

Support your favorite parachain


Funds raised


Special bonus

Equilibrium bonus

DOTs are #SAFU

Multisig gatekeepers


Support to


How it works

Stake DOT

For parachains of your choice via Equilibrium

Receive rewards

Keep receiving parachain rewards

Get xDOT

Against each of your DOT on Genshiro

Stake, pledge, or trade xDOT

Give your xDOT a good use!

Take DOT back

As soon as the parachain lease ends

Use cases for xDOT

eq planet


Lock xDOT to take loan in stablecoins and other assets

eq planet


Put xDOT into liquidity pools and start earning yield

eq planet


Sell xDOT for stablecoins through Genshiro


What is xDOT?

xDOT is a special token you get when you contribute your DOTs to parachain auctions via Equilibrium.

Why is it safe?

The custodian address will be managed under multisignature permissions by influential and trusted counterparties: Signum Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, DFG, PNYX Ventures. The custodian address is a single address where we will gather all the user contributions in DOTs, before participating in the bidding process from that address.

What can I do with xDOTs?

Use xDOTs inside the Genshiro money market: supply liquidity and earn APY over 30%, borrow liquidity against xDOT, trade on Equilibrium DEX using xDOT as margin. Sell xDOT or provide liquidity by putting them into the corresponding Balancer pool.

Does fluid DOT staking support multiple projects or Equilibrium only?

Fluid DOT staking supports any project with multisignature and proxy functionalities. Each project has its unique xDOT. Multisignature is a technology allowing users to prevent the problems caused by the loss or theft of a private key.

How do I get xDOT?

Participate in crowdloans via Equilibrium and contribute your DOTs for any project you like. Once a project you voted for becomes a parachain, Equilibrium will make a snapshot of all contributions and will generate corresponding xDOT allocations for every participant in the Genshiro blockchain.

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