EQ tokens
are available
for claiming!

Genesis block mined on
November 12 at 9am UTC

Access EQ allocation

Enter ETH address you used for the token swap so Equilibrium may confirm your allocation.

Your Ethereum address

Install metamask


243,138 NUT

$ —

Smart contract

Swapped for

29.5М EQ

(98.43% filled)



In total

Institutional participants

Next steps



November 12 at 9am UTC


Retrieve allocation

Using your Ethereum address


Claim EQ tokens

Onto your Polkadot address

Access EQ allocation

Vesting schedule

30M EQ tokens allocated for the token swap participants

10% 3M EQ

Available right after TGE

90% 27M EQ

Vested linearly on every block in one year


How do I claim my EQ tokens?

  1. Install Polkadot.js browser extension
  2. Create and backup your Polkadot account using the extension.
  3. Go to https://testnet.equilibrium.io/claim/en and enter the ETH address you used during the token swap.
  4. Follow the prompts to claim your EQ tokens.
Note: This is a TESTNET environment with TEST EQ tokens where you can play with your allocation to see how the process works. Mainnet tokens will be released in November 2020.
(See our roadmap for further details)

Can I use a mobile device to claim EQ tokens?

No, currently Equilibrium supports only the desktop Polkadot.js wallet. Mobile wallets require integration on their side, which will come sometime in the future.

Where do I check my EQ balance?

After you claim your EQ tokens your balance should be visible next to your account Id in the dropdown field on the https://testnet.equilibrium.io/claim/en/manage page.

Are there any transaction fees associated with the claim?

Yes, there are! Each time you claim your EQ tokens, you pay approximately 0.12 EQ tokens in transaction fees, so be careful and make sure you claim your tokens not too often (which you can do practically on any block) to lower your relative fees. Of course, fees are paid in test tokens for the testnet environment, but still be aware of the costs!

When are real EQ tokens and mainnet?

The release of the first mainnet and token generation event will happen late October - early November 2020. Please refer to the roadmap for further details

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