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720M EQAllocation
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Equilibrium is a one-stop DeFi 2.0 platform

The first to combine a money market with an orderbook DEX

  • Active parachain on Polkadot
  • Borrowing and trading with high leverage
  • Lowest collateral and margin requirements ever
  • Borrowers set interest on their loans
EQ fuels Equilibrium parachain
  • Platform currency

    Pay transaction and product fees in EQ

  • Governance token

    Have your say in system changes

  • Bailout and collateral liquidity

    Lock EQ to secure loans and earn yield or use it as collateral to take out loans

  • Staking opportunities

    Earn rewards on stakes in governance, lending, and market-making pools

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What is unique about Equilibrium?

Equilibrium’s innovative financial engineering mechanisms on the backend allow for setting the lowest collateral and margin requirements. Simultaneously, the system remains highly resilient to adverse markets.

Why is it important for Equilibrium to be a parachain on Polkadot?

Equilibrium was the 12th parachain onboarded to the Polkadot network. This significant milestone makes our project an integral part of the Polkadot ecosystem.
Here are the benefits it brings to us:

  • Composability with major ecosystem projects and bridges
  • Polkadot’s shared security enables block validation on Equilibrium
  • No “gas” costs on Polkadot’s computing power
  • Candidateship for capital deployment in the Polkadot liquidity program

How far is Equilibrium’s development?

Our team has been building Equilibrium since February 2020 – more than two years until now. The money market and orderbook DEX are ready for deployment. A full-scale production launch is planned for June 2022

Who is backing Equilibrium?

Equilibrium is backed by well-known influential funds, including KR1, Signum Capital, DFG, Hypersphere, Genesis Block Ventures, CMS holdings, and FBG among others.

Who is eligible to participate in the public offering on Republic?

Everyone who passed KYC and AML checks can participate in the public offering except for PEPs, residents of restricted territories (see the full list in T&Cs), and accredited US investors.

What will I get if I join the waitlist?

Waitlist participants get guaranteed allocations during the public offering and become eligible for a special EQ drop if they contribute into the round.

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