Refferal program

Invite friends and earn more EQ for participating in EQ Offering Phase 2!

Check your bonuses


Referrer receives 5% bonus
of all DOT contributions
of users who followed it


Referred receives 5%
bonus of personal DOT


Can I generate the referral link after the Eq Offering Phase 2 offering starts?

No, you may only generate your referral link before the offering starts

If I send my link to multiple people, will I receive a bonus for each of them?

Yes! For every user who participates in the offering, you will get a 5% bonus for every user you've invited via this link corresponding to his contribution.

In case I am on the whitelist, and receive a referral link, will I receive an additional 5% bonus for my contribution?

No, you will not. But you may generate your referral link and receive bonuses for referred users!

If I received a referral link, can I generate my link and receive additional bonuses for referred users?

Absolutely! Just connect your wallet.

When does the referral program end?

You will be able to generate referral links before the offering phase starts. After the offering phase has started, generation of referral links will be disabled. So hurry up and claim your link!