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Get staking rewards

Receive a stable income out of the best secured staking deals on PoS and DPoS blockchain networks

Raise liquidity in a stable currency

Lock preferable crypto collateral and get dollar liquidity in Equilibrium stable currency at 1% APR

Earn savings on your stablecoins

Deposit your holdings in the EOSDT stable currency and start earning risk-free savings

Lend & Borrow

Lend assets to earn yield passively or borrow crypto to go short

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Increase your exposure to the collateral of choice and earn more in upside markets

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Savings Pool

Deposit your holdings in EOSDT stable currency and start earning risk-free savings

Our insurance policy and
investor protection reserve

We have used own capital to establish Stability Fund that ensures users get their funds back in case of extraordinary market events

technology stack

The core technology is based on EOSIO and connected to other blockchains through pTokens network (backed by Trusted Computing and Multi-Party computation technique)

What set us apart?

All in one place

Equilibrium is comprised of DeFi instruments you previously used via distinct protocols

Trustless interoperability

Polkadot bridges enable cross-chain token transfers and multi-asset collateralization

Risk-free custody

We can't access assets in pools — they are settled directly in the smart contracts

Simple interface

A slick web application allows users to perform complex DeFi operations intuitively