DeFi 2.0 with high leverage

One-stop platform to earn, borrow, trade at max efficiency

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(Trading + Lending + Synths) * UX = ❤️

The most comprehensive cross-chain platform to bring mainstream finance’s best practices to major blockchains:

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Built for DeFi natives, accessible to everyone

Fluid xDOT

Liquidity for DOT while staking for parachains

Spot market

Up to 20x leverage, based on orderbook

Money market

Safe lending with min LTV as low as 105%

Stable swap

Minimal slippage for homogeneous assets

EQD stablecoin

USD-pegged, backed by users’ asset portfolios

Equilibrium improves everything


With Equilibrium

What to expect?

Stand-alone chains


More liquidity

Niche protocols

All-in-one platform

Better user experience

Collateral vaults

Portfolio margining

Less risk

Utilization approach

Risk-based pricing

Fair costs

Liquidations via auctioning

Insurance via bailouts

More sustainability

DOT locked for parachains

Fluid xDOT

Extra DOT utility

EQ token is the main asset

12 billion

Initial supply


Works on every chain bridged with Polkadot

Governance token

EQ holders are eligible to select parachain collators and have a say in system change

Platform currency

Users pay transaction fees for operations on Equilibrium’s parachain and product fees in EQ

Collateral & liquidity

Liquidity providers can earn yield on locking EQ in Equilibrium’s liquidity pools and use it as collateral to take out loans

Staking opportunities

EQ holders receive rewards on their tokens staked to Equilibrium’s governance

Earn EQ by helping
us become a Polkadot

Exclusive: you can keep your DOT fluid even when you bid for our parachain.

Fluid xDOT

1. Pledge DOT for Equilibrium’s parachain

2. Get up to 40% bonus and rewards in EQ


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